ProcQ Puts Your Business Data Into Your Excel Templates In Seconds

In just a few clicks or even on a schedule ProcQ delivers your reports when you need them wherever you are

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Feature Packed But So So Simple To Use

There's a very powerful engine behind this simple face.

Save Time And Errors!

No more copy and paste and forgetting to send emails. We’ve got your back. You want that Excel report sent to the Financial Controller each week on Monday and Wednesday. Go home! It’ll happen.

Zero Learning Curve

Start with one of our base templates and go for it or show off your Excel skills and modify using our Office Add-In. You know Microsoft Office so no money spent learning new tricks. It’s that simple.

Sharing's Caring

We don’t store your sensitive data. It all happens live and we put the reports in your online storage We’ll email links to appropriate team members and everyone can view, edit and share using web, mobile and desktop.

Manage The Flow

Simple to use but stacked with features. Configure actionable outcomes for user responses to reports and automatically send follow up emails. ProcQ manages document flow within your team and to and from your clients*

*coming in stage 2

Design Using Tools You Love

When you run the designer it starts Excel with a new ProcQ tab visible on the Office menu which provides everything you need to deploy your Excel masterpiece to our platform. Because it’s simply Microsoft Office it’s so easy to ProcQ-ify your existing templates and have them generated in our cloud with your data.


There’s an API for that..

An API is code that allows applications to be connected. We live in a connected world where application providers are racing to publish APIs for their products so more systems can be connected. And we love this world!

ProcQ manages the flow of documents through an enterprise by binding best of breed APIs together in the cloud. The end result to you is reduced cost and we know you love that!

Package it up and walk away.

Once your template is packaged you can run it with two clicks or schedule for a completely hands free experience. Walk away knowing your Microsoft Office reports will be fully populated and assembled in the cloud and delivered to who you want, when you want.

“If you have one person just once a week copying and pasting from xero into Excel you’ve already paid the ProcQ entrance fee”


Desk not required..

You’ve designed your report using Microsoft Office on your desktop. Enjoying the freedom that Office provides to enhance existing and build new reports with your own calcs and analysis.

You don’t need to be sitting at your desk to view your docs though. Break free with ProcQ and open your auto-populated documents directly in Office Online.


Some Nice Words About Us

There maybe heaps of new stuff but ProcQ is built on a production proven core.

..sure you could do it all yourself. You could copy and paste from xero into Excel for each report and you could then copy to your storage and email it to your people. You could but that’s missing the point. At this price and when ProcQ is this seamless, why would you?

Chris Woods

Owner, Osmotion

If your company sends documents out to your clients and, like us, you’ve spent many hours copying and pasting from your systems into those documents then put simply you will save money using ProcQ. Aaron Greaves

Founder, Omniwealth

..their platform allowed us to produce many thousand Excel documents without the need for Excel being installed on the server……ProcQ have shown real commitment to providing a quality service which has often included after hours support.

Michael Potter

Director, Axiom Forensics

About ProcQ. Say it proh queue

Short for process queue.
procq balmain

We are an Australian owned family business based in Balmain, Sydney. The two founders have decades of joint experience in both technical and business analytical fields and for many years have applied this experience to servicing the financial services sector with innovative technology solutions.

Our core values of integrity,  workplace equality and fun are enhanced by our mission to lower the cost of enterprise computing. For too long technology costs to business have been too high and we embrace the new era of lower cost online apps and believe that by “glueing” together best of breed applications, business can enjoy solutions at greatly reduced cost.

In 2012 we embarked on an ambitious project to package up our Process automation and Microsoft Office automation products into a single cloud platform and so ProcQ was conceived.

3 years of hard graft, 1000s of hours ( we don’t talk about the cost – ouch! ),  many credit card limits and mistakes made and thankfully lessons learnt. We were finally ready for market with the first release of our baby and so we began a new chapter.

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